I-5 Rose Quarter Freeway Expansion

Our meeting on Monday 11-March included a presentation by No More Freeways PDX, which is a grassroots advocacy group in opposition to the Oregon Department of Transportation and City of Portland’s I-5 Rose Quarter Freeway Expansion project.

Video from the project’s website

Video from No More Freeways PDX

After the presentation and the discussion that followed, the consensus was that we, the Foster-Powell Neighborhood Association, oppose the I-5 Rose Quarter Freeway Expansion project. There are many reasons why this project should not move forward, which are summarized on the Public Comment page of No More Freeways PDX. One of the core reasons that we, as the Foster-Powell Neighborhood, would oppose this is that the $500 million dollars could be better spent on other projects such as:

  • Funds to complete the Jurisdictional Transfer of 82nd Ave and Powell Blvd from ODOT to City of Portland
  • Improvements to other modes of transit including Light Rail, Bus, Bike and Pedestrian paths

However, before the Foster-Powell Neighborhood Association officially adopts a position of opposition to the I-5 Rose Quarter Freeway Expansion project, we agreed to survey our neighbors and ask their position on the matter. If more than 60% of survey respondents support No More Freeways PDX position, then we will publish a letter of opposition.

If you live, rent, work, or own property within the Foster-Powell triangle, you’re a member of our neighborhood. Please complete the survey below to state your position and help guide this process. Thank you!

The survey has been closed. Thank you for participating! We will be posting the results soon.

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  1. AJ

    i live in FoPo and work in Portland. My commute is a dream and i love it. But my sweetie commutes to Vancouver / Camas area everyday for work. Biking is unsafe and too long / strenuous, and mass transit is not direct and takes too much time. Driving is the only realistic / common sense solution. Improving the freeways would only help my sweetie’s situation and make it more safe for him to commute. Often they take I-5 due to accidents on I-205 or vice versa. It’s awful when both are crap. Living near where you work is a luxury and not everyone has that luxury. Most people must drive due to time constraints / other commitments they must get to. Telling people they just need to ride their bike, or ride Maxi is narrow minded, and isn’t a perfect solution for everyone. It really only works if you’re going downtown – not if you are going from suburbs to other parts of the city.

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