Board members are elected each May at the regular neighborhood association meeting. 2023/2024 Board Members are:

Kelly Janes

Chris Chaplin

Jen Bass

Delegate to SE Uplift
Lauren Ciurca

Land Use Chair
Joseph Liu

Transportation Chair
Melissa Warren


Community Garden
Debbie Armendariz

Jen Bass

Volunteer Coordinator

Chris Chaplin

Lotus Romey-Yu
Sean McClintock
Judy Hilsenteger

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Board Member Commitment Expectations for 2022/2023 Board

The Chair has established the following expectations for those considering a board position:

  1. Represent FPNA at a minimum 60% of all board-sponsored events. Examples of events: FPNA general meetings, FPNA special meetings, Neighborhood Clean-up, National Night out, Movies in the Park, Garden Tour, Jade Night Market, Lunar New Year, etc.
  2. Coach/shepherd at least 1 neighborhood event being championed by a general FPNA member. This will encourage the board to seek out more opportunities, allow us to grow as individuals providing mentorship, as well as support neighbors with ideas to make our area even more vibrant.
  3. Learning and use of the task management and collaboration toolset, including Google Drive, MeisterTask, and any other agreed upon tool. FPNA will provide education and support on the use of the tools. This will allow us to help each other overcome obstacles to achieving goals, as well as help eliminate redundant efforts.
  4. Have updates ready for every FPNA General Meeting, either in person or electronically, if unable to be present at the meeting. This ensures that we are constantly making progress towards our goals and allows us to show this progress to our community.
  5. When communicating with the public in a capacity that is representing FPNA, ensure that what you communicate aligns with the previously agreed upon ideas, opinions, and philosophy of the NA. If expressing a personal opinion, especially on controversial topics, always make a distinction that this is your personal view and you are not representing FPNA.
  6. Board term expectation is for 1 year.