Speed Reduction on 72nd Ave

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At our 9-March meeting, the association discussed and then voted to support a letter to the Portland Bureau of Transportation requesting that they honor the city code that lowered speed limits to 20 MPH and update the posted speed limit on SE 72nd Avenue. The letter is below. You can find the meeting minutes here.

Attachment A – Foster-Powell Neighborhood Association letter (email) of support for traffic calming on SE 72nd, March 2015
Attachment B – Traffic data, 2016 (before the Foster Road Streetscape)
Attachment C – Traffic data, 2019 (after the Foster Road Streetscape)
Attachment D – Participation in Vision Zero Yard Sign Lender Program; ‘Slow Down’ signs were posted in residents’ yards along SE 72 Ave between Powell and Holgate; residents of SE 72 Ave went door-to-door and collected 54 signatures, enough for 9 signs; 2016 (*Note: in 2019, a resident picked up replacement signs, as most had been damaged or disappeared)
Attachment E – Emails from resident pursuing traffic calming on SE 72 Ave, 2014-2017

UPDATE: We received a response from PBOT!

You can contact us for an update on this request by calling 823-SAFE or emailing safe@portlandoregon.gov and referring to record #1808426.

It may take some time for an engineer to get to this request, but based on some brief conversation yesterday, I believe it is likely we will move forward with a 20 mph speed limit on this segment of 72nd Avenue. I can’t guarantee anything until an engineer takes a look. Thanks for your patience, and I’m sorry to hear about the speeding issues you’re experiencing.

Email from Portland Bureau of Transportation
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Summer Fun on Foster

Portland Bureau of Transportation is sponsoring a summer-long event series to promote the improvement made by the Foster Streetscape project. By participating in the events you can enter to win one of four $500 Visa gift cards. See the SaferFoster.com website for details.

Raffle card for Celebrate Summer on Foster – SaferFoster.com

Now to July 8th: Visit a Foster-area bike shop to get your secret letter

You can find three bike shops on or near Foster Road between Powell Blvd and 92nd Ave. Your neighborhood shop is a great friend to have when you need help with your bike. Whether you’re shopping for a bike or need help with a minor repair, the folks at your local bike shop can ensure you have a smooth road ahead.

Stop by any of these three bike shops before July 8th to get a secret letter to enter the raffle. Bonus: Show them this email and get $5 off a service or repair!

Bike Frequency

Backpedal Cycleworks

NW Pro Gear

Once you’ve collected your secret letter at an event, you can enter the raffle.

Let’s Celebrate Summer on Foster together, Portland Bureau of Transportation
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Speed Limit on Foster Road Set to 25 MPH

Over the weekend, the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) replaced the 35 MPH speed limit signs on Foster Road with 25 MPH speed limit signs (from 50th to 92nd). The 35 MPH signs had only been up for about a week since the Foster Streetscape project ended. This may have been in response to community feedback and/or the very unfortunate death of our Mt. Scott-Arleta neighbor, Lou Battams, who was struck by a driver while crossing Foster Road. We posted recently about this tragedy. There is a memorial planned for Lou tomorrow, Wednesday 26-June, at 4:30p on Foster Road. See the Facebook event for details.

As you’re driving down Foster Road, please set an example for all of our community members passing through and obey the 25 MPH speed limit. Help make Foster Road a safer place for all users!

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