Call 503-823-3333 to report a police non-emergency. Or here, you can report a police non-emergency quickly and easily. Portland is experiencing a shortage of police officers and it may be unlikely that you will receive a police response. However, it is very important that you report every crime that you witness, no matter how small. Did someone steal your yard tool? Report it! Data and statistics are how Portland will get the law enforcement that we deserve. The more crime that is reported in Foster-Powell, the more officers will be assigned to patrol our neighborhood to keep us safe and low on crime.

To report campsites, use Portland’s One Point of Contact online form or call 503-823-4000. Do not make a police report about a campsite unless you witness criminal activity. If you report a crime to the police involving a person whom you assume to be houseless, do not refer to the suspect as “homeless” as this makes the crime more difficult for the police to pursue. Instead, just state the facts.

Useful Crime Prevention Documents:

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