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Building as seen today

For years the Foster-Powell Neighborhood Association has supported efforts to rehabilitate the building known as the Phoenix Pharmacy.

At our meeting in May, we were joined by Matt Froman, neighborhood association member and co-owner of Foster The Phoenix LLC, which was specifically created with the singular goal of the preservation of the Phoenix Pharmacy building. Matt explained that he has been working with the City of Portland to get permission to update the sign that is always been a part of the building’s western facade. Below you can see images of the building’s sign over the years.

Early photo of the Phoenix Pharmacy
The building and sign is on the far left
The building in 1999
As seen from Google Maps in 2011
Graffiti was covered with this simple red and tan image
Building as seen today

Petition to Demonstrate the Phoenix Pharmacy Sign Attracts Attention

Petition Summary and Background

The west-facing wall of the building located at 6615 SE Foster Road known as the Phoenix Pharmacy has been used as a sign dating back to the 1920’s. It has had a variety of advertisements and images on it over the years with the most current one being the minimalist tan and red design (pictured above). This was intentionally chosen by the property owner to maintain the status and size of the sign. Even though the space has been previously inventoried in the City of Portland’s non-conforming sign database, the City is arguing that the current sign is “so neutral as to be unnoticeable” and is trying to strip its non-conforming status and prevent its usage as a sign.

This sign is a key asset in the restoration, resurrection, and promotion of the Phoenix Pharmacy, now and for the future. This is an iconic building in Southeast Portland that has sat vacant for 2 decades.

We need to show to the city of Portland that the current sign is noticeable to the general public and that the simple red and tan image has caught their attention over the past 7 years when passing by the building.

We are asking community members for help in this process by signing the below petition stating that they have seen and noticed the red and tan sign on the wall over the years. Your voice can really make a difference here and we appreciate your input!

Action Petitioned For

We, the undersigned, are local community members that attest we believe that the design on the west wall of the Phoenix Pharmacy (pictured below) is an image and has attracted our attention as we have passed by the building. We support the continued use of the sign and urge the city of Portland to continue to allow the owners to operate the sign, as it has been in use for almost a century.

If you agree that the tan and red portion of this wall is noticeable, draws your attention, and is considered an image please help secure this sign space by adding your name in support below. Thank you for your help in the efforts of the restoration and promotion of the Phoenix Pharmacy Building, it is greatly appreciated.

Your information will only be used as a means of verifying your residency with the City of Portland and will not be shared with any other parties.

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