Mixed Use Zones Project Concept Workshops – 11/5 and 11/6

The Mixed Use Zones Project will revise Portland’s Commercial and Central Employment zoning codes applied in Centers and Corridors outside of the Central City. These zones (CN1/2, CO1/2, CM, CS, CG, CX, EX), in which mixed uses are allowed, were created over 20 years ago when auto-oriented and low intensity commercial uses were more common.  The project will address issues that arise with new more intensive mixed use buildings, such as: massing and design, transitions and step-downs, and ground floor uses.  An initial concept proposal is being developed this fall.  A more detailed Mixed Use Zones Concept Report is due this winter. Proposed zoning codes are expected in spring 2015. Public hearings on any proposed zoning codes are anticipated in June/July 2015.

The Foster Rd, 82nd Ave, and Powell Blvd corridors will see these mixed use zones apply. This is a good opportunity to learn about the project and understand what it will mean for Foster-Powell.  There are two workshops – downtown and north Portland. See the event flyer here for more information.

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