Laurelwood Center Opening Next Week

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What we have formerly referred to as the “Foster Shelter” has been officially named the Laurelwood Center. This is likely a reference to nearby Laurelwood Park, which, by the way, is getting a remake (see our prior coverage of that story here).

Maggie Vespa, a reporter for KGW News, was given a tour of Laurelwood Center yesterday and tweeted photos of the facility.

Representative from your Foster-Powell Neighborhood Association have been invited to tour the facility on Monday and learn about volunteer opportunities to support our new neighbors. Per Maggie’s Twitter post above, if you would like to volunteer, you can call 503.488.7745.

Update: here is a link to the full story from KGW.

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  1. Michele Yurgin

    Good Morning!
    Thank you for having this option. My name is Michele and I am a Central City Concern mental health counselor. I have a client that would really like to stay here. My client has a service animal and physical needs (has diabetes and uses a walker). What are the next steps to have her enroll? Thank you!

    1. Sean McClintock

      Hi Michele – we are just reporting on the opening of the center and do not manage it. Please contact Transitions Project with questions as they run the facility.

  2. Cindthia Jones

    Hello my grandma has a oxygen tank and is homeless I can’t have her here or I would take her s

  3. REBECCA Bursell

    Hi,my name is Rebecca Bursell & I actually stayed at the shelter from October, till 3 months ago I believe. I want to talk to Main person in charge & SHARE MY NIGHTMARE STORY & EXPERIENCE, while at Laurelwood Shelter & i do believe u probably want to hear what Angel pulled on me ,its Shady ,Heartbreaking & has Devastated me & im so tramatized & having a Extremely tough time moving forward ,Due to him taking my service dog/ companion & the out come was devastating, cuz she was put down ( I had Lulu for almost 11yrs. She was Extremely important to me & now ahes Gone . I KNOW FOR A FACT IF ID NEVER WENT TO LAURELWOOD SHELTER, MY DOG WOULD STILL B.ALIVE !!

    1. Sean McClintock

      Rebecca – so sorry to hear about your dog, Lulu. You can try contacting A Home for Everyone as they are responsible for the operation of the shelter.

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