Check Out and Weigh In on The Green Loop

Design Week Portland Headquarter’s will be featuring the City’s proposed Green Loop Project next week! The event headquarters will be stationed at the Redd at 831 SE Salmon St., and will be transformed into a weeklong design exhibition for the community to share in the design process of the Green Loop.
A mock streetscape will be set up (funded in part by a grant from Southeast Uplift) and will include multiple activities for community members to provide feedback.

Details about this event and the Green Loop Project is below.
Design Week Portland Headquarters April 23 – April 29th

This year, Headquarters will bring to life a design concept for the Green Loop, a new pedestrian / bike urban promenade linking the city’s east and west sides. Reimagining the design process as a public celebration, Untitled Studio, the winners of the LoopPDX competition, in close coordination with city bureaus, will host a weeklong exhibition that invites the community to come together to learn, react, discuss, and further envision the project’s potential. Intended to help define the identity and character of the project, the exhibition will provide opportunities to experience and engage with the concept through collaboration, creative programming, a streetscape prototype, and large-scale interactive map. Headquarters will also act as the festival’s information hub and living room – creating a neighborhood gathering space for participants to plan their itineraries and share their experiences. Bring your insights, curiosity, and imagination and join the conversation.

The Exhibition April 23 – April 29th

The concept for the Green Loop put forth by Untitled Studio, The Portland Mosaic, proposes a design process whereby Portlanders define the character and identity of the project in a way that reflects their individual needs and aspirations for the future. Descriptive rather than prescriptive, this concept for the loop is a framework to be filled through collaborative efforts – a massive mosaic for which every Portland resident has a tile. It will only be complete with your personal investment and your participation. This exhibition is an invitation to join us in imagining a Green Loop that is diverse yet unified and enacted on by many scales of community.

The Events

In addition to the larger Design Week Portland events and open houses a series of Headquarters specific workshops, charrettes, evening lectures, and happy hour events that are often synced with either the Green Loop or larger themes about public space and city design. Some of the top hits include Randy Gragg’s Bright Lights Conversation “Portland’s Green Loop: The New Central City Rising,” “Making the Place: Branding Strategies for Public Space,” discussion with Chloe Eudaly on “Designing a Political Campaign,” and an evening panel, “Dreaming the Future: Portland 2035” where speakers will be invited to pitch their vision for the future of the city.

View the event flyer | View the Green Loop presentation

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