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As we mentioned previously, Portland Park & Recreation is starting a project to implement the redesign of Laurelwood Park, which was completed with much community input back in 2013.

At this point, PP&R is looking for the surrounding community to provide some final guidance on any tweaks that could done to the design, including the planned public artwork, to ensure it aligns with the current desires of the neighborhood. This is where you come in! Please take this survey and provide your input to the process.

One of the key questions of the survey is “4. Thank you for participating in the redevelopment plan for Laurelwood Park. Your comments and experiences will help shape your new park. Is there anything else you would like us to know?” This is where we have an opportunity to impact that project with some fresh ideas!

For example, what about bringing a Portland LooTM to the park!? That would allow people to spend more time at the park and not have to worry about where to find restroom facilities (and not bother nearby businesses) and the Loos are easy to maintain and clean (and can’t get burnt and melted like what happened to the port-a-potty in Kern park recently).

Take the Survey!

Laurelwood Park Survey
Deadline is Monday, 22-July

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  1. Larry Bird

    Looks like a good plan for the homeless to take over when the shelter opens

  2. Melody

    It is time for the city to get creative about what we do with the $$ spent on homelessness. Leaving them addicted, dirty and without shelter is not compassionate. It is irresponsible and uncaring. It also shows no respect for the taxpayers who pay your salaries and are putting money into resolution of this issue, but the funds are not being used effectively. How about treatment for the mentally and addicted? How about job training so they can support themselves? Look for the New England state mentioned in the You Tube video Seattle is dying to find one creative solution. You can also Google and find other approaches to different segments of the homeless population. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Do you really want tax payers to leave the city because little to nothing is being done to change this issue?

  3. hickeymad

    Umber one priority should be to remove the addicts and thieves now occupying the park, and ensure that they do not come back.

  4. Jennifer

    Dismantle the growing homeless camp that is forming!!!!

  5. Elaine Smith

    I was out of town and missed the survey. As a 20 year resident of the neighborhood, I miss the days when a chess club met there to play chase at the tables. I love that there is nothing to do in this park, just a quiet little piece of green to pass through or be in. It doesn’t need a loo, there are dozens of restaurants & stores nearby with public restrooms. Replace the tables. That’s it.

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