Speed Limit on Foster Road Set to 25 MPH

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Over the weekend, the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) replaced the 35 MPH speed limit signs on Foster Road with 25 MPH speed limit signs (from 50th to 92nd). The 35 MPH signs had only been up for about a week since the Foster Streetscape project ended. This may have been in response to community feedback and/or the very unfortunate death of our Mt. Scott-Arleta neighbor, Lou Battams, who was struck by a driver while crossing Foster Road. We posted recently about this tragedy. There is a memorial planned for Lou tomorrow, Wednesday 26-June, at 4:30p on Foster Road. See the Facebook event for details.

As you’re driving down Foster Road, please set an example for all of our community members passing through and obey the 25 MPH speed limit. Help make Foster Road a safer place for all users!

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  1. Michael mandrones

    What you people have done to Foster is a Joke. Lifetime Resident of 70th and Foster. It is literally impossible to pull onto Foster from 70th. I have nothing good to say with the changes of foster. The speed limit change is a joke. People cant even drive the new speed limit cause of the traffic the changes have made. Some days and mornings it is at a standstill from 92nd all the way down to 50. Makes no sense. It doesnt make anything safer makes everyone late to work. Road rage. 9 million dollars to do what? Someone made a pretty penny.

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