Use this form to submit a suggestion for a new project/objective to be undertaken by the Foster-Powell Neighborhood Association.

Title: A short description of the project/objective
Specific: Who? What? Where? Why? Be as specific as you can about what you are proposing to be achieved, who will it benefit, where will it take place, and why we should undertake the effort.
Measurable: How will you tell if the effort was successful? What can be measured and how will you measure it?
Achievable: Think of the resources that will be needed to accomplish the objective and list out what you can. It doesn’t have to be everything but should cover the major resources (money, labor, tools, approvals, etc.). Are those resources available or how will we acquire them?
Relevant: Which mission statements does this Objective support? Select from the list all that apply.
Time-Bound: Given the specific objective and the resources available what is a realistic timeframe? Include high-level milestones, if known, or at a minimum the completion date.

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Title: Firland Parkway
Specific: Using the America Walks grant and any other available funds, make improvements within Firland Parkway to increase and improve the quality of use by pedestrians in order to support the health and fitness of the FoPo community.
Measurable: Measure use of the space, including types of uses, through point-in-time surveys. Interview users and gather their satisfaction rating with the space.
Achievable: Funds: money available from America Walks grant and can also fundraise; Volunteers: a public-facing project like this will likely interest people in helping out; Tools & Materials: will try materials donate as much as possible; volunteers can bring their own tools; Permits: city approval should be attainable; need a majority of immediate neighbors to approve
Relevant: Fostering neighborhood pride by promoting a beautiful, vibrant, and respectful community.; Creating a welcoming and inclusive neighborhood through cultural and multi-generational engagement and outreach.
Time-Bound: Grant requires that we complete the project by end of 2019.