Looking for Volunteer Tax Help

Are you a CPA or tax accountant who would like to volunteer some of your time to help your Foster-Powell Neighborhood Association? Or do you know someone in the neighborhood who is and would be willing to connect us?

We are in the process of filing paperwork to achieve Federal 501(c)(3) status, which will require the regular filing of tax paperwork. We are looking for a CPA or tax accountant to offer to help us with the taxes.

Send an email to contact@nullfosterpowell.com if you’re interested!

Photo Credit: U.S. Army photo illustration by Thomas Hamilton III

Food Pantries in/near Foster-Powell

A recent post we made to Instagram, which was a re-share of a posting from Urban Gleaners, prompted Amy Spears to comment and remind us that we also have a local food pantry at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church.

Thanks, Amy, for the reminder! We called St. Mark’s and confirmed that they are happy to take donations of fresh produce from your garden, in addition to the regular staples that they are asking for. You can find the details on their website.

We have information like this as well as other neighborhood resources within the Resources menu of our website. Be sure to check it out and please let us know if you know of anything else or see any information in need of an update.