Improvements Coming to Powell Blvd.

Powell Boulevard, US Route 26 and the northern boundary of Foster-Powell, is schedule to get some much needed love in the way of safety and traffic improvements.

Our friends at ODOT let us know that the following pedestrian and traffic improvement projects are currently funded for Powell Blvd.:

  • SE 57th/SE 58th: Enhanced pedestrian crossing
  • SE 61st: Enhanced pedestrian crossing
  • SE 71st and SE 72nd: Illuminated crosswalks
  • SE 79th: Enhanced pedestrian crossing
  • SE 79th/SE 80th: 70s Greenway Improvements
  • SE 82nd: Bus stop and traffic signal improvements

Do you have other areas of safety concern along Powell Blvd.?

If there are other areas where you’d like to see safety improvements be made on Powell Blvd., 82nd Ave. or any other ODOT facility, you can contact AskODOT and they will forward your concern on to the appropriate staff for a response.

To view a detailed map of the scheduled Powell Blvd. improvements, with construction timelines, click here.

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