Host an International Student!

Want to introduce your family to new cultures, languages, and perspectives while providing a home for an international student? Host families are needed for teens from France, Mexico, and Spain and university students from Japan and Korea this spring. The students are coming for 2-4 weeks to share culture, practice English, and learn about American daily life. Teens will shadow local students at their high school or middle school, and university students will be attending classes at PSU. Hosting an international student is a wonderful way to connect to the world through friendship and help cultivate a global perspective. 

Andeo International Homestays is a local, nonprofit cultural exchange organization that has specialized in educational homestay programs for almost 40 years. For more information, visit their website, call (503) 274-1776, or email

One of our own FPNA Board Members, Lotus Romey-Yu, has been a host for Andeo and says:

Our house hosted a student named Hana last semester through Andeo. It was really great! I highly recommend it to anyone thinking about it. Our student taught us how to make some great food, and went to do any kind of fun outings we offered! 

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