Fundraiser for Social Justice Mural

Check out the video and news story below and then keep scrolling to find out how YOU can directly support the artists.

Not Too Late to Contribute

In our July newsletter, we mentioned the mural and provided our community with an opportunity to donate and support the artists. Given that not everyone reads our newsletter… the turn out was a bit low. However, we’re here to tell you —

It is NOT too late to support the artists!

YOU can support the three BIPOC artists who designed and painted the AMAZING mural on the Phoenix Pharmacy building. Every dollar raised will go directly to pay these hard-working artists for the wonderful art they have given to all of us in Foster-Powell and the surrounding community. Simply follow the easy step-by-step donation process below —

The fundraiser has been closed. Thanks for your support!



Foster-Powell Neighborhood Association

$2,000 02-August-2020

Matt Froman

$450 02-August-2020

Aaron Smith

$250 04-August-2020

Grapevine Outdoor

$250 02-August-2020

Eric Furlong

$200 03-August-2020

Buck Froman

$200 02-August-2020
Anonymous User


$100 03-August-2020

Beverly H

$100 03-August-2020

Leon Wildflowers

$50 03-August-2020

Thank you for adding to the consciousness raising, beautification of our neighborhood!


Emily Ketola

$50 03-August-2020

Beautiful work! Thank you!


Melissa Sircy

$50 03-August-2020

Thank you for bringing more beauty to Foster!

Anonymous User


$50 03-August-2020

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  1. Nancy Merchant

    I sent a check for $100 to SE Uplift (Whatever your instruction said to do) and it has not been cashed yet. Did it get lost? It has been over a month now. Please let me know. I want the artists to receive that money for their work.

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