Free trees for Foster-Powell!

Street trees provide a lot of benefits for a neighborhood: they make it more pleasant to walk along the streets  in the sun or when it’s raining; they assist with managing stormwater runoff; and some studies show that homes and neighborhoods with street trees have higher value than those without. Here’s your chance to improve the neighborhood, for free!

From Jennifer Karps, FoPo neighbor: “Friends of Trees is giving Foster-Powell extra love this year in the form of free street trees! FoPo residents can sign up at the FOT website ( After an inspection to determine planting potential, you get to order your free street trees. In January, neighbors get together and plant each other’s trees. It’s awesome! The number of street trees you receive is only limited by the number of street tree planting locations the city identifies next to your property. If the city inspector marks ten spaces, you can get ten free trees!”

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