Freaky FoPo Halloween Contest Winner


Congratulations to our Halloween decorating contest winners, Erin, John and Clyde (7) Telford!

Check out their winning Instagram post.

John, Clyde and Erin Telford, winners of the contest, sitting on the front steps outside of their home on SE 62nd Ave
John, Clyde and Erin Telford, winners of the contest, sitting outside of their home on SE 62nd Ave

The Telford family lives on 62nd between Rhone and Center streets in what is likely one of the coolest homes in Foster-Powell – an old church turned single family residence! We had a moment to catch up with the Telfords over Zoom to learn about their history in Foster-Powell.

How long have you lived in the neighborhood?

“Clyde’s lived here his whole life. Erin has lived here 7 years, and John has lived here for around 14 years.”

You have a cool story about the home you currently live in. Tell us about it.

“It was a church when we bought it. I remember riding my bike by one day, and then I went home and asked John, ‘what do you think about buying an old church?’ It ended up working out, maybe against our better judgement!” 

What’s your favorite part of living in Foster-Powell? 

“Most of my friends live here! And Atlas Pizza!” from Clyde. Erin & John added, “The local vibe with neighborhood bars and stores, and the fact that everyone knows everyone and runs into everyone. There are tons of families, and you can still go to a down home spot on Foster.”

What would you love to see added to the neighborhood? 

“I’d love to see a hardware store. Or, a Thai restaurant on Foster.” 

What’s one neighborly thing that’s happened to you recently? 

“A next door neighbor sent a text message the other day letting me know the dome light in my car was on. Last year, we finished our deck and wanted to put a bunch of Christmas lights up. A neighbor dropped off a bunch of lights. It took us a while to figure out who did it, but we were able to match up our green lights with the lights this person decorates with.”.

What would you improve about Foster-Powell?

“FoPo needs a lot of alley clean up. Also, I’d like to see everyone living along Powell be placed into an apartment.”

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

“We love it here, and we’re here forever. Our neighborhood was the best ever for a coronavirus-safe Halloween.”

We agree! Well done Telford family and thanks for participating in our contest!

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