Crosswalk Enforcement at Powell & 54th on Wed 27-Mar

Received from the Portland Bureau of Transportation:

Portland Bureau of Transportation and Portland Police Bureau Traffic Division will be conducting a crosswalk education and enforcement action on Wednesday, March 27, 2019, from noon to 1:30 PM, at the marked crossing on Southeast Powell Boulevard at Southeast 54 Avenue.

Portland is committed to ending traffic violence in our communities. Through the Vision Zero program, the City of Portland and our partners are working to eliminate deaths and serious injuries on our streets.  Education and enforcement actions such as the March 27th event are a key part of the City of Portland’s citywide effort to reach its Vision Zero goal.

People walking who are struck by speeding drivers on roads like Southeast Powell Boulevard are unlikely to survive.  We need your help! As drivers, be cautious and on the lookout for people walking in marked and unmarked crosswalks, stop for people in the crosswalk when they are in your motor lane and the motor lane on either side of you (Oregon law), and slow down so you can stop safely.  As walkers, look before crossing and continue looking while you cross to make sure drivers see you and are stopping for you, make eye contact with drivers when possible, and make yourself visible to drivers.

To request a Vision Zero community briefing or enforcement action in your area, call the 823-SAFE Traffic Safety Hot Line at (503) 823-7233, or submit a Traffic Safety Hot Line request using the online form.

Learn more about rights and responsibilities for crossing streets in Oregon (in EnglishEspanol); and view the results of previous actions.

Still confused about the crosswalk laws in Oregon? Read this fantastic article from Bike Portland.

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