We Want Your Garden

…on the 12th annual Foster-Powell Garden Tour!

We need all kinds of gardens on the tour. From manicured to natural habitats. From lawns and decorative beds to urban homesteads. We want to see it all! All you have to do is open your garden up for your neighbors to have a look. You don’t have to be an expert in your plants. People just enjoy seeing what their neighbors like to grow!

Garden Submission Form

If you would like to submit your garden for the tour, please fill out the form below —

What should we call your garden on the map?
Provide a short description of your garden for the participants. See below for prior examples.

The Yarden
Two years ago, we rented a sod cutter and turned our sad front lawn into a joyous place we affectionately call “The Yarden”. Now we use that space to grow many of our favorite herbs, flowers and vegetables, and it’s full of color and life.

Paradise Farm
Controlled chaos is my gardening style, or one each of everything! Rain barrels and rain gardens, chickens and cats, what more could I need? Many plants are from my New Hampshire garden.

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