Springwater Corridor Closures Coming Mid-May

We received the following notification from Portland Parks & Recreation:

Springwater Corridor temporary closures starting in May 2019

Thanks to funding from the Parks Replacement Bond, two bridges along the Springwater Corridor will be repaired or replaced this summer. This will require temporary closures of the trail at the following locations: 

  • Bridge #48 –  between SE 45th and SE 55th Avenues
  • Bridge #140 – closure between Circle Avenue and SE 174th Avenue

During construction, the following detour routes will be in place. If you live or work on either detour route, please drive with caution, as you will see an increase in bicycle and pedestrian traffic. Thank you for your patience while we improve your trail!

SE 45th Avenue – Bridge Replacement

Bridge #48 located near the Johnson Creek Boulevard trailhead at SE 45th Avenue and Johnson Creek Boulevard will be replaced. It is the original wooden trestle bridge from the Springwater Division Line rail developed in the early 1900s with footings in Johnson Creek.

The new bridge will be constructed with steel and concrete, and its footings will allow for clearer passage of Johnson Creek, which will improve fish habitat and reduce debris accumulation. More information here

Construction is expected to start in mid-May 2019, with completion in November 2019

Circle Avenue – Bridge Decking Replacement

Bridge #140 spans 114 feet and crosses Johnson Creek near Circle Avenue. The western half of the bridge’s structure was replaced with steel in 2006 due to deterioration, and the timber decking was salvaged and reused. The decking has now reached the end of its service life and is presenting a hazardous condition to trail users. It is slippery, uneven, and has large gaps.

The decking will be removed and replaced with asphalt. The handrail will be salvaged and reinstalled by the contractor. More information here

Construction is expected to start in mid-May 2019, with completion in six to eight weeks. 

Maija Spencer, Parks Bond Community Engagement
503-823-5593 | maija.spencer@portlandoregon.gov

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