East Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District Offers Free Workshops

The East Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District offers free workshops, about which they say: “Discover ways to save time, money and energy on your property through our FREE workshops. From naturescaping to livestock management, our classes help you care for your land in ways that benefit people, water and wildlife.”

Below is a small selection of workshops that you can attend within SE Portland. See their website for full details and a list of all workshops that they offer.

Attracting Pollinators to the Urban Garden

Learn about the bees, flies, beetles, moths and butterflies that provide vital pollination services in urban gardens, and discover which plants can help attract and support them. We will go beyond the bloom so you can find out how to provide water, shelter, nesting, and overwintering sites. Register online or call 503-222-7645 for more information.

  • Sun, Oct. 7 (1-3:30pm) @ Southeast Uplift (map)
  • Sun, Nov. 18 (1-3:30pm) @ OMSI Parker Room (map)

Rain Gardens 101

Learn how rain gardens add beauty and color to your yard while helping restore the health of urban streams at the same time. You will get step-by-step details on how to plan, design and build your own rain garden. Where possible, workshop includes a short tour of a nearby rain garden. Register online or call 503-222-7645 for more information.

  • Sun, Oct. 14 (1-5pm) @ Southeast Uplift (map)

Creating an Edible Landscape 

This workshop will give you insight and tools for thoughtfully incorporating edible plants into your landscape – from annual veggies and herbs to perennial berries and fruit trees. Register online or call 503-222-7645 for more information.

  • Sun, Dec. 9 (1-3:30pm) @ OMSI Parker Room (map)

Native Plants

Explore the benefits of gardening with Native plants. Discover Portland’s most common native plant communities, learn which species do well in similar growing conditions, and get tips to help them thrive. Register online or call 503-222-7645 for more information.

  • Sat, Nov. 3 (9:30am-12pm) @ Trinity United Methodist Church (map)

Beneficial Insects

Meet the beetles, bugs, flies, lacewings and other invertebrates that provide free pest control. You will discover ways to attract and sustain these friendly beneficial insects that help your garden thrive. Register online or call 503-222-7645 for more information.

  • Sat, Nov. 10 (9-11:30am) @ Quaker Meetinghouse Social Hall (map)

Public Community Forum for Foster Shelter

An organization referring to themselves as SouthEast Allied Communities (SEAC)* is putting on a forum to discuss the shelter that is being built on Foster Road. The event details from Facebook states:

Join Southeast Allied Communities for a Neighborhood Forum on the Proposed 6144 SE Foster Road Homeless Shelter.

All are welcome, all will be respectfully heard.

On December 18, 2017, several of our elected officials along with the Joint Office of Homeless Services announced their plans for a 120-bed, low barrier homeless shelter to be located at 6144 SE Foster Road. Despite the fact that plans had been in place for several months, the community wasn’t notified until the start of the holiday season. At the December 18th meeting, these individuals failed to address several of the raised concerns with this particular location, but promised that this meeting was “the first of many”.

…it’s now July 2018, and no additional meetings have been set.

SEAC (Southeast Allied Communities, a neighborhood organization that has formed in response to the proposed shelter, see below*) has taken it upon themselves to host a neighborhood forum. We’ll be inviting the panel from the previous meeting, in addition to other guests, to tell you all what we’ve learned, and give you a forum to share your thoughts and ask questions.

Invited guests include:
Ted Wheeler, Mayor of Portland
Deborah Kafoury, Chair of Multnomah County Commission
Marc Jolin, Director of Joint Office of Homeless Services
Jessica Vega Pederson, District 3 Commissioner, Multnomah County Commission
George Devendorf, Executive Director, Transition Projects

*About SEAC
SEAC envisions a Portland in which housing solutions are fair, equitable, and just for all Portland neighborhoods. SEAC seeks to hold Portland and Multnomah County officials accountable to southeast Portland residents, businesses, and schools by demanding transparent, fact-based, and progressively-equitable policies to address the low-income housing crisis and pervasive houselessness. For more information, visit www.alliedcommunities.org and follow @seacpdx on Facebook.

UPDATE: the event was livestreamed via Facebook by your Foster-Powell Neighborhood Association (part 1 and part 2)