Foster-Powell Raffle a Huge Success

Way to go FoPo!

Our weekly raffle series, “$50 for $5 to Keep Business Alive”, was a WILD SUCCESS! We raised over $8500 thanks to the generous donations of all of you, our neighbors.

Our original plan was to continue the raffle for 8 weeks in total, but after 6 weeks we decided to end the raffle series. The participation each week had decreased and we were having a harder time finding additional businesses to participate.

However, don’t let that diminish what we did accomplish. The raffle was more successful than we had imagined!

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Help Keep Our Foster-Powell Businesses Alive

Looking for this week’s raffle?

For only $5

You could win $50 to spend at a local business!

“But how??” you ask! Read on to find out more!

At the April general meeting of the Foster-Powell Neighborhood Association, we allocated $2,000 to start a program that will help our neighborhood businesses. Many of these businesses are owned by and employ your neighbors living right here in Foster-Powell.

How does it work?

  • The FPNA purchases FULL-PRICED gift certificates from local retailers each in the amount of $50.
  • Every week we raffle off five of those gift cards. We will group the gift certificates together, each one representing a different type of business, such as 1 retailer, 1 restaurant, 1 salon/stylist, 1 tattoo studio, 1 service, etc. There will be a mix of businesses that are currently still open during the pandemic as well as those that will hopefully re-open in the future.
  • Each gift certificate is to be raffled off individually and each raffle ticket cost $5 (or 7 tickets for $25 or 15 tickets for $45). The more you buy, the better your chances of winning!

Why are we doing this?

These businesses are an important part of the fabric of this great neighborhood. They have supported neighbors and the neighborhood association in the past. Let’s get together to help them NOW so they are around to support us all in the future. Working together we can make a difference.

Let’s start going from this —

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FPNA Soiree, April 2019

$50 for $5 to Keep Business Alive

Buy More Raffle Tickets to Increase Your Odds!

Businesses included in Week 1

  • Foster Outdoor
  • CHAR Rustic Baked Pizzas
  • Starday Tavern
  • I’ve Been Framed
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