Check Out and Weigh In on The Green Loop

Design Week Portland Headquarter’s will be featuring the City’s proposed Green Loop Project next week! The event headquarters will be stationed at the Redd at 831 SE Salmon St., and will be transformed into a weeklong design exhibition for the community to share in the design process of the Green Loop.
A mock streetscape will be set up (funded in part by a grant from Southeast Uplift) and will include multiple activities for community members to provide feedback.

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Calling Foster-Powell Tree Lovers: Help Increase Our Neighborhood’s Tree Canopy

Difference of tree canopy in high- and low-income neighborhoods

Do you like trees?

Have you ever walked down the street during the hot summer heat and wished there was more tree shade you could walk underneath to cool down? Would you like to see more trees in Foster-Powell (yard trees or street trees)?

Portland Parks and Recreation (PP&R) Urban Forestry wants to hear from you!

PP&R Urban Forestry is charged to plant more trees to increase the Urban Tree Canopy equitably throughout Portland so that all Portlanders can enjoy the many benefits of trees.
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