Portland City Auditor Seeking Input on City Charter Amendments

Please take advantage of two opportunities in December to discuss Charter amendments City Auditor Mary Hull Caballero believes are necessary to protect the Auditor’s ability to hold City government accountable through independent audits and investigations. Your views will help shape the final proposal from the Auditor that City Council will be consider in January.

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Citywide Land Use Group: Residential Infill Project

The Foster-Powell Neighborhood Association received the following email about an upcoming Citywide Land Use Group meeting which will discuss Portland’s Residential Infill Project:

This will be the second and last meeting of Citywide Land Use Group to discuss the Residential Infill Project.  The project will establish the framework for written code that will be processed during the remainder of this year, in all likelihood, and then be considered for adoption by Council early next year.  The code framework will be supported by the adopted Comprehensive Plan.  That makes the way the code is written especially important to all of us in the Neighborhood Association Land Use review role that will follow.

While Citywide Land Use Group will not have a regular meeting on the subject again we will continue working together on the quality of the proposed code framework and then on the code itself.  This month Morgan Tracy, Project Manager for the Residential Infill Project, will attend our meeting.  Make sure he hears your opinions and concerns – and suggested approaches if you have them.

I hope you will attend our meeting and participate in the dialogue.

Bonny McKnight
Citywide Land Use Group

What: Citywide Land Use Group meeting
Date: Monday, July 25th
Time: 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.
Location: 1900 Building, 1900 SW Fourth Ave., Room 2500b
Agenda: Click here

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